Humphree Interceptor Systems


Based in Gothenburg, on the West Coast of Sweden, Humphree is a company dedicated to providing “Speed at Sea” through it’s innovative technology solutions for high performance vessels.

Founded by a team of hydrodynamicists and marine engineers, all active in the field of marine high-speed propulsion and ship hydrodynamics since the early ’90s, Humphree was formed in 2001 to provide cutting edge products and services tailored to unlock the true potential of all types of fast vessels –  new or existing. Ultimate Marine Power are pleased to be able to exclusively offer you the Humphree range, here in Australia and the rest of Asia-Pacific.



  Humphree Interceptors

The Humphree Interceptor is low weight and has a robust design. The installation is easy, with a minimum of pre-work needed, and with low maintenance due to the corrosion free material. Powered by water tight electric actuator placed on the inside of the transom, mean easy access and good protection. All Humphree Interceptors can be custom made to follow any hull curve.

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  Humphree X Series

Humphree, the world’s leading manufacturer of trim and motion control systems, are now proudly introducing the New X-series interceptors.
The new X-Series is intended mainly for boats from 25 up to 60 feet, with four sizes available X300, X450, X600 & X750 all with the powerful 50mm stroke needed for superior control of dynamic hull motions.
The X-Series Kits deliver the same reliability and superior performance as the other Humphree interceptors and uses the same Control system, ultra-fast servo actuators and control panel.
As Well as the Standard Auto Trim feature the X-series can also utilize the other optional Auto features including the full ACTIVE Ride Control, either upon install or upgraded at a later date.


  • Superior reliability for boats 7.5m (25ft) and up
  • Superior 50mm (2”) full stroke for lift force at all boat speeds
  • Superior performance with ultra-fast blade speed
  • Voltage supply: 11-32 V
  • Proven optional automatic functions: Auto-Trim, Auto-List, Coordinated Turn and Active Ride Control

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 Humphree Boat Control Systems

All Humphree Boat Control Systems are used together with the innovative Humphree Interceptor trim tabs and offers different levels of automatic functions to improve your boat dynamics.

BASIC Control System - (click to read more)

020307 - Automatic Trim Control - (click to read more)

020308 - Automatic List Control - (click to read more)

020309 - Coordinated Turn Control - (click to read more)

020323 - ACTIVE Ride Control- (click to read more)


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