Founded in 1965. WESMAR brings over four decades of high standard design and manufacturing to the marine industry, providing equipment for commercial, private and government operations around the world. WESMAR’s commercial line of robust counter rotating dual propeller thrusters sets a high standard in the commercial bow thruster industry by bringing more power, less noise and less vibration than competitive units.


Counter Rotating Dual Props

The use of counter rotating dual propellers splits the power between two gear sets therefore yielding a very high propeller efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating greater power and more thrust.

For all sized vessels –
Pleasure and Commercial.
Produces about 40% more thrust with the same input horsepower.

Commercial grade bow/stern thrusters.
5 to 490 horsepower.
Efficient 8 to 48 inch counter rotating dual props.
Optional: Pre-mounted in Steel or Aluminium Tubes.

Hydraulic, AC, Direct Drive and DC Operation
Provides the most thrust per input horsepower.
Dynamic Power Control for easy maneuvering.
Optional proportional controls.
Heavy duty stainless steel casting.
Low maintenance.
Easy Upgrade or Retrofit.
Built rugged for reliable operation.

Key features of WESMAR’s DC Thrusters
No thermal shutdown with DC Pro Motors.
Easy drop-in replacement for competitive units.
Long lasting investment.


The VORTEX 200 System

Designed for commercial craft and large pleasure boats.
24 or 26-inch props.

The VORTEX 350

This and the VORTEX 200 series are designed for vessels requiring between 200 and 350 horsepower.


Larger VORTEX Systems 

40% more thrust than conventional single-prop designs with the same tube, prop size, GPM and PSI.




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Sonar Systems

WESMAR manufactures 23 models of sonar in the HD800 family.
Whether you have a 120 meter factory trawler or a 30 foot pleasure boat- there is a sonar to fit your application and budget. WESMAR also provides a wide variety of Sonar Hoist for getting the clearest sonar picture possible by putting your WESMAR sonar down into the water, away from interference.

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